Two Trees Planted With Every Product. Free Delivery to Malta (Orders over 50€)


Sustainable living

Every little helps


WE ARE DEDICATED TO PROTECT AND IMPROVE OUR ENVIRONMENT. ByDyring support reforestation project around the world to offset the carbon footprint and to be sustainable.

What better way than to show you our work


We just planted 100 extra trees🌲to meet our new 2019 standard of two trees planted per product sold. 

Even better, we just made a gift to mother earth by planting 2.500 extra trees 🌲 in January to meet our 2019 goal of 5.000 🌲 planted. 

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We Support Renewable Energy


ByDyring is proud to present a sustainability certificate of 10.000 KWh of renewable energy. This is the equivalent to 10.000 units.

We only use CO2 neutral Solar Energy for our office space in Malta, and a total of nearly 6.000 KWh is produced locally every year. 

We want to become a 100% CO2 neutral brand.

ByDyring support a cleaner greener sustainable future


Over 3000 trees🌲Planted Since December 2018

We plant trees with Eden Reforestation Project.

Beside planting trees we also support NGO organisations with donations made monthly. 

Every month a status blog post of our work for a better environment is made. 

This report include trees planted, local work and donations made. 

We want to be transparent and show what you support when buying ByDyring products. 

Sustainable Products

Products sold by ByDyring needs to meet a series of sustainability criteria. Our mission is that our products cause the least amount of harm to the environment and that they are biodegradable, reusable and recyclable. Please read more below.

Sustainable living

Our criteria for sustainability

We have 4 key sustainability criterias. 

  1. Renewable resources 
  2. CO2 reduction 
  3. Organic and biodegradable products
  4. End of life cycle 

Renewable resources

We use renewable resources for our products. We make sure that the raw materials we use, will be replanted for our future generation, by supporting reforestation projects. When it is not possible to use renewable resources, we then make sure that the materials can be reused or recycled as a end of life cycle. 

CO2 reduction

We want to reduce our CO2 footprint to 0%. As simple as that. We are on our way to reach our goal. We only use CO2 neutral solar energy in Malta, in fact we produce more solar energy than we use. We Reduce our CO2 footprint by planting trees and investing in green energy. 

Organic and biodegradable products

We only sell products which is biodegradable. Biodegradable products will decompose and break down into natural materials in the soil, causing no harm to the environment. You can be rest assure that we do our upmost to make all our products from organic produce, (which does much less harm to our environment in the production phase, compared to conventional produce). We have created a sustainable 100% organic clothing line, please see the link below for more information:   

End of life cycle

All our products should cause no harm to the environment. It is therefore crucial that all of our products can be reused, recycled and biodegrade in soil. 


Our mission

We want to become the first 100% CO2 neutral company in Malta, with all of our products biodegradable. 

Local work

Being located in Malta, also means that we have a strong commitment to protect our local environment. Our 2020 goal is to spend minimum 25% of our surplus on the environment, locally and international. We want to create the new hanging gardens of Malta, by planting trees and plants on the Maltese roofs. We want to create small ecological hot spots in an ever changing country, where one see more cranes than butterflies in the sky.  

Contact us

If you have any question about our company or products do not hesitate to contact us. 

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