trees are planted with every order. FREE DELIVERY IN MALTA :)

Sustainable living

Sustainable livingSustainable living

Design Your Own Sustainable Products

Make The Sustainable Choice

Say NO to Plastic waste and YES to Sustainable Living. 

With ByDyring you now have the option to create your own sustainable products. 

Benefits of choosing ByDyring:

  • Trees are planted with every order

  • 25% of the surplus is donated for a cleaner greener environment, Locally by supporting NGO's (#Zibel #Saggar) and international by planting trees with Eden Reforestation Project an NGO as well. 

  • 100% CO2 free office in Malta (Produce more Solar Energy than used)

Please see the attached document, which explains in details the products that you can make your own as well as price and quantity. 

For a Quotation please write an mail to and state it Quote. 

Why Choose ByDyring

ByDyring's mission is to create and make the highest quality sustainable products whilst improving our environment.

Several initiatives are done daily to improve our environment locally and international.