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Sustainable living

Sustainable Products Available In Store


Sustainable Sunglasses

High Quality Wooden Sunglasses made From Renewable Resources. We currently have our own ByDyring unisex range made from Moso bamboo. All our sunglasses have Compostable Bamboo. 

Imagine all the plastic sunglasses that you have bought over the years, these did most likely all end up in landfills. Possible in the ocean too. Why not make the switch to a sustainable pair today.

We plant trees for every pair you buy.



You can choose to keep your look timeless or sparkle it up with our colourful lenses, the choice is yours. read more about each product in our shop. 


Wooden Watches

Classic timeless wooden watches for you and your loved ones. We make sure that the wood used for our watches are from sustainable produce. 

Currently available in our store is ByDyring Sustainable Watches and BeWell ECO watches.

We have watches with the following types of wood: Bamboo, Ebony, Maple, Sandal and Olive. All of the wood is compostable and can easily degrade in soil. Read more about each product in our shop.   

We plant two trees for every watch you buy 


Biodegradable Bamboo Toothbrushes

The go to bamboo toothbrush for protecting your teeth and the environment. 

Our bamboo toothbrushes are made from Moso bamboo and are  biodegradable. The bristles are made from a mixture of bamboo fiber and Nylon. We recommend you to cut off the bristles and dispose them in a safe way before you biodegrade the bamboo toothbrush.  

Dentists recommends you to change your toothbrush every 3 months, get our 4 pack box special that covers your use for a whole year. For every box you buy, we plant one tree. 


Read more about this product in our shop.  

New products from January 2019


Bamboo Straws

These cool ByDyring bamboo straws are the perfect match for sipping on a smoothie in the sun or a mocktail near the pool side. 

Say NO to Plastic Straws

The straws are made from bamboo and will therefore biodegrade in soil for their end of life cycle. The recommended using time is up to 3 years, which should be plenty of time to grab an extra smoothie in the sun before dipping our toes in the warm Mediterranean water.

One straw = 2 Trees Planted


Bamboo Travel Case

When you travel your toothbrush need a travel buddy.

Travel in style travel sustainable

ByDyring have the perfect match for you and your toothbrush and it is our lovely bamboo travel case.

One Travel Case = 2 Trees Planted

Grab the amazing travel bundle, 1 travel case + 1 bamboo toothbrush in the store, at a reduced price. 


Organic Renewable Energy Produced Clothes

The ByDyring range of sustainable clothes is here!

Made using renewable energy

Made entirely from the best 100% organic cotton. The clothe line ranges from T-shirts to comfortable warm sweaters and hoodies.

One Piece Of Clothes = 5 Trees Planted

Unique to our range of clothes is, that renewable energy is used in the manufacturing and printing process. This saves an overall of 80% on the CO2 emissions. 

Get an instant 10-25% discount by going to: https://bydyring.teemill.com/

Product history


Sustainable sunglasses

Imagine that you are on a boat surrounded by crystal clear water. The sun hits the water with just the right angel so the surrounding boats look as they float on air. It is a peaceful day, just with a light breeze to make the heat gently touch your skin. With your sustainable sunglasses on, you feel on top of the world, ready to conquer the sea. You Jump in... 

Bamboo toothbrushes

In a far away country surrounded by lush forest a man is on the hunt. On his way to find the secret to a biodegradable toothbrush, to bring with him home to his family. With his machete he tackles the obstacles along the way. Climbing over the highest mountain tops to the deepest valleys, the humid and hot air makes it nearly unbearable and he struggle to find fresh water to drink. To his luck, he comes to an opening in the forest. He sees a local collecting water with some long green sticks, it is bamboo...  The rest is history and today the two are working together to find the best quality bamboo for your toothbrush 

Wooden Watches

She sits near the workbench dreaming back to the days where Mozart was a young fella and Caesar was not just a salad. Back when she collected small flowers near the fields to make them into wristbands on her arms. Her father would with a smile on his lips help tie the knots over and over again, until she learned the trick. Today she handmade our sustainable wood watches using her fathers knowledge. 

Sustainable socks - Available in store in 2019

You come home after a long day at work, nearly falling down on your sofa for some comfort. But before you can really relax, it is time to release the beasts. You fear of the monsters that are hiding in the dark. Fear of the awful odor they are going to unleash. As so many times before, just smelling them slightly made you dizzy. Yet this time, it is another story, to your suprise there is no smell from them, and you comfortable put your FEET at the end of the sofa. Time for your favorite teleseries, time for a well deserved ME time.  

ByDyring sustainable socks, are made to make your feet breath, even during the busiest of days, leaving No smell behind. Our special design and material makes your life easier.

Underwear Superhero - Become one in 2019

 Blink* You are on a boat, A loud noise roars the air, and a giant whale splash to the surface. It jumps higher than the boat and leaves a giant belly splash behind. A wave of water rushes towards you, ready to make you soaking wet. Blink* You find yourself on a plane tied to another person. And before you know it, she yells "Are you ready?". In a blink of an eye, you are outside the plane rushing down towards earth with 200 km an hour.  She takes you a selfie. Blink* You are on a beach to a big party, colors everywhere, rainbows fills the sky. You get a surprise kiss, and turn around to see. Blink* You turn around to see your love sleeping next to you. 

Even in your dreams our underwear gives you comfort. Choose comfort, choose sustainable clothes, choose ByDyring.